Robyn Cook

New South Wales Australia

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About Robyn's Photos


I am a Blue Mountains photographer interested in contemporary and visual arts.

I love to travel. My images are stories which start with life on the streets, cafés, alleyways and life in general. Capturing a moment that has a life of its own and expressing myself creatively has become a part of the development of my photographic art skills.

Currently, my photographic art images have been created in accordance with my vision as a photographer.  In some cases, I have introduced a painterly effect which gives an extra dimension to an image or created an environment where the viewer can apply their own interpretation.  I appreciate vivid colours, movement, textures and paint strokes. I enjoy it when an image from my imagination meets my expectations and the viewer can interpret my vision and my story.

Recently, I attended a workshop run by Photographer Tony Hewitt.  He spoke about connection, storytelling and pushing boundaries.  He stressed that “you, the photographer” are unique and that “vision” is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. I came away feeling inspired with the following mantra……

My Picture, My Vision, My Story......

I hope you enjoy my images. If you would like to contact me please email me at